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  • Unfinished Social Media

    Social and Digital Media developed for For Agencia Felicidad.

  • Las Niñas Pueden

    ‘Las Niñas Pueden’ (Girls Can) is a compilation of testimonies, interviews and data regarding gender equity at different periods of women’s life in Chile. Book designed for ComunidadMujer, within Agencia Felicidad’s team.

  • IDB Innovations you may not know were from Latin America and the Caribbean

    2017 report series designed for the Inter-American Development Bank, showcasing a great amount of innovation projects in the areas of FinTech, Health, AgroTech and Orange Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Project made as a part of Agencia Felicidad’s team.


    RRSS (Social Media in Spanish) graphic design and production for the UAH University Admission Campaign in Chile. Developed within Agencia Felicidad.

  • Greyhounds

    A very common dog in Edinburgh.

  • Pollos

    Chickens, on coloured pencils. A sweet spot inspired by homesickness. Funny enough, I don’t own any hens or chickens.

  • Frederick Had Long Legs

    …and he loved to climb to high places. Short foldable zine portraying a children’s book idea born at a children’s illustration workshop. It has a poster on the back.

  • Blue Comics

    Series of comics made through 2020. A more personal approach to inner predicaments or feelings that I wanted to portray through specific situations inspired from my personal life. All of them, and others, have been uploaded to my instagram account.

  • Mira Tú 2

    Design and illustrations made for the ´Mira Tú 2´ book. Second in the series of books showcasing a great number of interesting facts about specific regions from Chile. Project made at Agencia Felicidad.Published on 2021.

  • IDB Launching an Orange Future

    Anual report for the Inter-American Development Bank, showcasing a series of graphs and projects regarding the development of the creative industries in Latin America. Project made within Agencia Felicidad.