RRSS (Social Media in Spanish) graphic design and production for the UAH University Admission Campaign in Chile.

Developed within Agencia Felicidad.

Categorized as design


Chickens, on coloured pencils.
A sweet spot inspired by homesickness. Funny enough, I don’t own any hens or chickens.

Frederick Had Long Legs

…and he loved to climb to high places.

Short foldable zine portraying a children’s book idea born at a children’s illustration workshop.

It has a poster on the back.

Blue Comics

Series of comics made through 2020. A more personal approach to inner predicaments or feelings that I wanted to portray through specific situations inspired from my personal life.

All of them, and others, have been uploaded to my instagram account.

Mira Tú 2

Design and illustrations made for the ´Mira Tú 2´ book. Second in the series of books showcasing a great number of interesting facts about specific regions from Chile.

Project made at Agencia Felicidad.

Categorized as design

IDB Launching an Orange Future

Anual report for the Inter-American Development Bank, showcasing a series of graphs and projects regarding the development of the creative industries in Latin America.

Project made within Agencia Felicidad.

Categorized as design


“Woolgathering.” The act of indulge in aimless thoughts or daydreams. Daydreaming about what you want to be, alone in your mind; in the softness of a cloud while you stare at the stars that you might reach one day.

Screenprint exhibited at The Peanut Gallery Cafe, Edinburgh. 2020.

Viejo Comunista

Based on a Manuel García song of the same name. This illustration is part of a bigger collaboration project about Chilean Musicians and New Folk. 2016.

Pipeto, la rata

As known as ‘Pipeto the rat’. Is a character design development with the intend of creating science communication.

The search of more intelligible science that anybody can understand is something I constantly like to pursue. Therefore I developed this character, and a specific narrative and tone he would use, so there can be a way of explaining things using narration, examples interactions with other characters, while experimenting and learning on the go alongside everybody else.

Both character and narration style were tested to reach the widest audience possible.