Category: design

  • Unfinished Social Media

    Social and Digital Media developed for

    For Agencia Felicidad.

  • Las Niñas Pueden

    ‘Las Niñas Pueden’ (Girls Can) is a compilation of testimonies, interviews and data regarding gender equity at different periods of women’s life in Chile. Book designed for ComunidadMujer, within Agencia Felicidad’s team.

  • IDB Innovations you may not know were from Latin America and the Caribbean

    2017 report series designed for the Inter-American Development Bank, showcasing a great amount of innovation projects in the areas of FinTech, Health, AgroTech and Orange Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Project made as a part of Agencia Felicidad’s team.


    RRSS (Social Media in Spanish) graphic design and production for the UAH University Admission Campaign in Chile.

    Developed within Agencia Felicidad.

  • Mira Tú 2

    Design and illustrations made for the ´Mira Tú 2´ book. Second in the series of books showcasing a great number of interesting facts about specific regions from Chile.

    Project made at Agencia Felicidad.

    Published on 2021.

  • IDB Launching an Orange Future

    Anual report for the Inter-American Development Bank, showcasing a series of graphs and projects regarding the development of the creative industries in Latin America.

    Project made within Agencia Felicidad.

  • Cadáver Exquisito

    Collaborative project for an annual show at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Collage illustrations and animation of 30 seconds out of a total of 6’30”.

  • All America: We See Changemakers Everywhere

    We See Changemakers Everywhere, is the theme of this magazine which purpose is to acknowledge those people that work everyday to make this world a better place. And to encourage more people to do so.

    This magazine was created alongside Ashoka US while working at Agencia Felicidad’s design studio.

    Classroom illustration made by Nico González. Cover Illustration by Tatsuro Kiuchi.